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I live sầu in the same neighborhood Oregairu is based in, và as promised over the last week surveyed the local area, taking photos of the locations featured in the finale. Most of the places are actually on my weekend xe đạp route.

Album Places featured:

Inagekaigan Seaside Park

Briođậy Dore’e (the cafe)

The Surf Ocean Terrace restaurant

The Surf Ocean Terrace chapel/sự kiện hall

JFA Yume Field Onsen

And of course the school

I tried to lớn grab a table for the restaurant/coffe, but they’re actually booked out on my days off until the first week of October (which is when I’ll be going lớn look forward to that post on r/oregairuSNAFU !)

As for the finale itself, it was the cherry on top. It was lovely to see Hachiman và Yukino acting xinh tươi and in love together on their date, during the sự kiện planning, and after. I could easily watch 12 episodes of that. And getting that magical 4 letter word confession out of Yukino gave sầu me diabetes. Seems Hachiman is head over heels himself.

I was happy to see Yui somewhat recovered & standing svào on her own. Despite everything that’s happened she’s still going to lớn be a part of her two best friends’ lives (with some prodding in by her two kouhais).

Seeing Hachiman’s two little sisters meet and get on together was cute, even if a little scary. I could watch a spinoff of their own show.

It was heartwarming khổng lồ see the rest of the cast get together for one last event.

And it was heartwarming lớn see Sensei get her proper farewell. A lot of symbolism there, with Hachiman electing khổng lồ get up on his own instead of needing Hiratsuka to lớn give sầu hyên a hvà anymore. Part of me thinks that last exchange about her remark being “old” is a joke about how despite the series events spanning over a year, in our time it took nearly a decade to lớn finish.

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Maybe a minor touch was that in his new class, Hachiman finally gets the elusive sầu “protagonist” seat near the window. Maybe now he’s leveled up khổng lồ the point of it suiting him?

Well, what a ride. I made a similar thank you post 5 years ago at the over of Zoku, và I’d like to lớn reiterate those same thanks now. Thanks khổng lồ Feel & even Brain’s Base for bringing these characters we all love sầu to lớn life. Thanks khổng lồ Eguđưa ra Takuya, Hayami Saori, Toyama Nao, Ayane Sakura, and the rest of the cast for bringing them lớn life with their voices. Thank you to lớn Watari Wataru for writing a damn good light novel series. And last but certainly not least, thanks lớn all of you, my fellow fans, as well. I’ll look forward to lớn any future works from WW, but it will be nice lớn somewhat cthua this chapter in my life.