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The file Total War: Rise of Mordor v.0.6.0 is a modification for Total War: Attila, a(n) strategy game. Download for không lấy phí.

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Total War: Rise of Mordor is a mod for Total War: Attila, created by Total War: Rise of Mordor - Development Team. For full credit visit the project’s official thread.

Description (in authors’ own words):

"Total War: Rise of Mordor" is an epic overhaul project based on "The Lord of the Rings". The visuals of the hack are based on films however the background story & rosters are accurate khổng lồ the books.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the thủ thuật be released?

It is unknown even khổng lồ us. This hack is a hobby we work on in our spare time, thus we don’t have sầu mix due dates & real life slows down development.

We can say however that the community will not be able to lớn access the first public release any earlier than 2018. This release will not be the finished hàng hóa.


Where will the hack be released, và will we have sầu to pay for it?

The thủ thuật will be released on ModDB và TWCenter. It is unlikely we will release it on Steam, as the file kích thước will be too big, however we may release one part of the mod with the rest as an external tải về.

This mod is a miễn phí project. You don’t have to lớn pay for it, và we aren’t paid for our work.


What is the giảm giá khuyến mãi with the "LOTR Galadhrim Elves" mod for Attila and "LOTR Gondor Units Pack" for Rome 2?

The LOTR Galadhrim Elves thủ thuật is not exactly a subgian lận for Rise of Mordor. It is a standalone hack that just so happens lớn be compatible with Rise of Mordor. We will create our own versions of all the models they have sầu made, such as Elves, Aragorn & Sauron.


The LOTR Gondor Units Pachồng is also a standalone gian lận for Rome 2. It is not compatible with Rise of Mordor as it"s for a different game. If the creator ports it khổng lồ Attila we may help them make it compatible, but it doesn"t count as an official subhack.


How much progress has been made on the mod?

Overall Rise of Mordor is more than 10% completed so far. Our team has completed 2 out of 19 factions. We have sầu also done a lot of 2D art, text, database, music và made progress in other areas as well.


What is the team focusing on at the moment?

Since Gondor & Dale are done we are now going to focus on Mordor and Isengard units. Besides units, we also plan to lớn start battlefield modding (that includes siege battles and land battles). Besides these two main goals we will also work on other factions; creatures such as trolls, wargs và mumakil; & a lot more unit concepts và so on.


Will there be a campaign?

The campaign development has been put on hold temporarily however it has not been written off, and is still in the plans for the future.


Will the hack move khổng lồ Total War: Warhammer?

There is no chance at all that the gian lận will move sầu to lớn Warhammer due to the rules regarding what types of mods are allowed, and the fact that even if we wanted khổng lồ make the gian lận on Warhammer there"s just so much stuff we can"t hack that it becomes impossible.


What about Mount and Blade Bannerlord, or the next Total War game?

The chance of us moving lớn Bannerlord or any other game is very small, & is pretty much not going khổng lồ happen.

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How many factions will the thủ thuật have?

19 factions are planned for release 1.0. This may change in the future however.

The Factions in Total War: Rise of Mordor


What cannot be modded in Total War Attila?

Campaign-related things such as the shape of the campaign map itself và đoạn Clip files (plus some hardcoded engine features).


What about music in-game?

We have sầu information that music modding is possible for Total War Attila & we have all reasons lớn trust it. However it will take hours of testing to get an idea of what exactly we are able khổng lồ edit.


Is it possible khổng lồ donate to lớn the mod?

No, we do not want or need donations for our work.


Will custom beasts such as trolls be included?



Will dwarven factions be able to recruit so called "goat cavalry"?



Is the team looking for testers?

At the moment not really, but in the future we will.


What positions can I apply for? How can I help the team?

The positions và requirements for them are detailed here. Basically they are 3D Character Artists, 3 chiều Building/Environment Artists và Character Animators. You can also help out the team by contacting 3 chiều Artists or Animators you know, who meet the màn chơi of quality expected, & informing them about the gian lận in case they"d lượt thích to lớn apply lớn join the team.


Do I need any DLC or base game only?

To play Rise of Mordor gian lận you need no DLCs but only the base game.


Will RoM team include creatures/units/arts from other games or mods like Shadow of War or Third Age?

The Rise of Mordor team"s nội dung is based on 2 key references: logic&lore(books) & visuals(weta designs). This means we are never going to khổng lồ use any kind of nội dung from other games/mods/submods. You may wonder how we gonmãng cầu fill the gaps that book/films provide? We have sầu fantastic artists on our team and we"re going to lớn make/use our original ideas based again on books&films only.

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To install:

Extract into „Data” folder & activate in start thực đơn.

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