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With so many great Poketháng games in the main series, which one is the very best?


When ranking the best Poketháng games, we prepared for trouble. The main series has spanned eight generations of Nintendo"s handheld consoles, spread out well over four decades. We decided to keep it simple by sticking to the core games, rather than factoring in top tiles like Poketháng Go & Pokemon: Let"s Go, Pikachu. We als9o did not include the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl,, but we"re open to a discussion about that. Aside from our decisions on what lớn excise from the list, but we know that there will still be plenty of opinions about this list of the best Poketháng games - and we welcome that.

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With the lakiểm tra additions lượt thích Pokemon Legends: Arceus & Pokemon Sword and Shield ranking well on this danh sách, you may be surprised lớn see where your favorite title ends up on the các mục. So, check it out, our list of the best Pokemon games. Let"s go catch "em all.

9. Pokemon Sun và Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon is lượt thích going on a tropical Pokemon-themed holiday. It’s vibrant, bright, and offers a slightly different experience than you"re used khổng lồ. The Alola region was nice breath of fresh air for the series, since it really changed up the setting & reflected its theme in its unique Alolan Pokemon variants. But, isn"t wasn"t all sunshine and s&. Some of the Alolan designs are quite unforgettable, although we’re pretty sure everyone will rethành viên the mighty Alolan Exeggutor for the rest of their days. The change from the typical thể hình battles was odd too, & made Sun & Moon felt a lot slower to lớn get going than the earlier games. Plus, it"s very light on the post-game nội dung after you finish the main chiến dịch. This doesn’t mean its a bad entry in the Poketháng series by any means, and it’s certainly more accessible for newcomers in certain respects - it just lacks the same feel. Poketháng Sun và Moon"s lush world and interesting story are still worth working your way through, & it also has nice features that build on what was established in X & Y, including tons of character customisations options, and more of a social aspect.

8. Pokemon Blaông xã & White

Pokemon Black and White is a little bit of an odd duông chồng in the main series. It often gets overshadowed by other entries thanks to lớn its less memorable Pokemon designs, but it’s maturer tone và interesting plot still help it stand out in the line-up. As the only game lớn get a direct sequel with Blachồng và White 2, the fifth generation of Pokemon puts more of an emphasis on its storytelling, & plays around with the concept of right & wrong. The antagonists in this one aren’t so clearly as nefarious as Team Rocket always seem lớn be with their tail cutting habits & treatment of Pokemon. Instead, Blaông xã and White features Team Plasma, a group that believe Pokemon should be allowed to roam free và not be tied down by a trainer. It throws up quite a compelling dilemma with no obvious cut and dry answers. This version also has some graphical enchantments over Diamond và Pearl, with more appealing sprite animations in battle.

7. Poketháng Diamond and Pearl

Developer:Game FreakPlatform: Nintenvày DS

When you compare them with the other games in the series, Poketháng Diamond và Pearl didn’t do anything too groundbreaking khổng lồ really shake things up. One notable thing it did bởi, however, was bring Poketháng trading inlớn the modern age. Instead of using a cable link, it made use of the Nintenvị DS" WiFi connectivity lớn trade Pokemon with other players. While some new features did come into play too, most of them built on those that were already introduced in Ruby và Sapphire. Before the enhanced Platinum version came along, the animations had a habit of slowing down the battle sequences, which made the pacing feel a bit off. It does also deserve sầu some credit for its story: the evil Team Galactic conduct science experiments khổng lồ try và take control of the Legendaries in the Sinnoh region in some rather weird ways, but it’s not as gripping as other stories we get lớn experience.

6. Pokemon X & Y

Developer:trò chơi FreakPlatform: Nintenvì 3DS

Pokemon X và Y took Pokemon into lớn the world of 3 chiều on the Nintenvì 3DS & let us experience its universe like never before. It was a significant change from the other titles that came before it, và felt like it truly marked the start of a new era for the long-running franchise. The charming sprites of yesteryear turned inkhổng lồ gorgeous 3 chiều models on the handheld, which elevated the battle sequences to lớn new animated heights. The Pokemon-Amie system was also introduced for the first time, which lets you interact with your Poketháng companions và form bonds with them. It was a welcome touch that finally let you pet và play with your favourite battling buddies. X and Y also brought in a lot more customisation, allowing you khổng lồ change the look & style of your trainer. While it is only cosmetic, it added khổng lồ the role-playing element of the experience in a fun way. X and Y propelled the series forward and laid down the groundwork for what was khổng lồ come in Sun và Moon. It also introduced yet more interesting Poketháng, including the addition of the fairy-type, as well as new social features. While it isn"t quite as good as some of the earlier games, it’s one of the best looking entries in the franchise so far, & will always be notable for transitioning the main Poketháng series inlớn the realm of 3 chiều.

5. Pokemon Legends Arceus

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Developer:Game FreakPlatform: Nintenvị Switch

The newest entry into lớn the main Poketháng series is as cthua as the franchise has gotten to lớn a reboot in its storied history. It"s the first game that really opens up the world, giving you chances upon chance to lớn run into Poketháng the wild - just lượt thích how it would be if we did live sầu in a world populated by the little pocket monsters. With an incredible story (that takes you baông chồng lớn long before any point we"ve seen in the series yet) & new gameplay elements that sing, Poketháng Legends Arceus is a fantastic addition khổng lồ the franchise that takes the tried-and-true Pokemon formula & expands it outwards. If you love sầu Poketháng, you love this.

4. Poketháng Sword và Shield

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Developer:trò chơi FreakPlatform: Nintenvị Switch

Poketháng Sword và Shield was one of the most anticipated games of 2019, và with good reason. As the first entry in the core Pokemon series to lớn lvà on Nintendo"s hybrid console, Sword & Shield opened us up khổng lồ the world of Pokemon like never before. The Galar Region made for a delightful setting based on the UK, & it"s easy to lớn sink several hours in its expansive Wild Area catching all the roaming Pokemon và uncovering everything it has to lớn offer. The Galarian size designs also nodded khổng lồ aspects of the UK, & getting to lớn bond with all the critters using the new camp feature was a welcome touch. In our nhận xét we said it"s a "Pokemon game for a new generation," thanks to lớn some of the more accessible features it introduced, allowing new players to lớn ease inlớn the formula we know and love sầu. While it might be a touch easier than other entries in the series, Sword & Shield offers a fantastically memorable experience with a cast of colourful characters and Pokemon. And it"s easily the best-looking Poketháng game to date.

3. Poketháng Ruby và Sapphire

Developer:trò chơi FreakPlatforms: trò chơi Boy, Nintenbởi vì DS

While a lot of formula remained unchanged, Poketháng Ruby and Sapphire took the series into a vibrant world of colour on the GameBoy Advance. The Poketháng sprites popped from screen like never before, & the magical start up screen is hard khổng lồ forget. It was also the first Pokemon game to introduce a lot of elements and features that continued throughout the series. 2v2 double battles popped up for the first time, & Pokemon were also attributed with different Natures which affected their overall stats. An extensive sầu danh sách of new abilities were also first introduced in this entry, which were specific to different types - this really added more depth lớn the battles compared to the games that came before. Contests were also brought in khổng lồ add new challenges lớn the gameplay. The Hoenn region was a great setting, and the Legendary Pokemon Groudon & Kyogre - who could sumtháng a specific weather element into battle - were very memorable. Since Ruby and Sapphire built upon what Silver và Gold established without veering off into any drastic new direction, it didn’t feel quite as special.

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Several years after its release in 2003, an updated edition followed in the shape of Omega Ruby và Altrộn Sapphire.

2. Poketháng Red & Blue

Developer:trò chơi FreakPlatforms:trò chơi Boy, Nintenvày 3DS

Going baông chồng lớn where it all began, Pokemon Red và Blue phối us on the path to lớn be the very best, lượt thích no one ever was, & we haven’t looked bachồng since. The world of Kanto lớn still feels just as magical as it ever did, and the original 151 Pokemon are the most memorable in the franchise’s history for their wonderful designs. Who can forget the classic starter Poketháng, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, & Charmander? The first games captured our imaginations and made us wish with every fibre of our being that we could really be trainers in the real world. Thankfully, Pokemon Go helped us get closer than ever to lớn realising that dream, but you still can’t quite beat the classic Poketháng experience. The Gameboy graphics have sầu a nostalgic charm you don’t quite get with the later entries, & it’s still very playable lớn this this day, which is a testament lớn just how good it is. While it established the long-running series we all know and love, it doesn’t quite make the top spot.

The delightful Pikachu Edition Poketháng Yellow - that enhanced the classic games with everyone’s favourite electric mouse - was just the icing on the cake.

1. Pokemon Gold & Silver

Developer:trò chơi FreakPlatforms:trò chơi Boy, Nintenvì 3DS

After Pokemon Red & Blue put the world inlớn a Poketháng frenzy, the sequel had some big shoes lớn fill. Fans everywhere for eager for more, and thankfully Silver & Gold delivered just that in the best way possible. Bigger and better than before, the second generation introduced 100 excellent and memorable additions to lớn the Pokemon library, along with two new Pokemon types, & a whole host of new moves. It brought in some interesting new features that changed up the game in fun new ways. Introducing a day and night cycle added time-specific challenges, and brought in some Pokemon that could only be caught at certain times of day. Silver & Gold still had all the hallmarks that made the first games so enjoyable, but it expanded the experience lớn cement itself as the superior Pokemon game. And better yet, when you reach the kết thúc of the game, you get to lớn unlochồng the Kanto region from Red & Blue which allows you to revisit all of the gyms & trainers. Silver & Gold was a giant leap forward for the franchise, & nothing has quite compared lớn it since.

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Pokemon Crystal then came swooping in as a shiny enhanced remake of Silver & Gold, & it"s especially notable sinceit was the first ever Poketháng title that let you decide whether you want khổng lồ play as a boy or a girl. Thankfully this became a mainstay feature in every game that followed.

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