Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an excellent take on a classic trò chơi that has a few quality ideas of its own without sacrificing the chip core essence of what made the original popular in the first place. From great materia combinations khổng lồ the legendary recreations of iconic moments, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is easily one of the best ways khổng lồ experience this title if you never managed lớn get into the original trò chơi because of its dated nature.

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Players could control a total of four characters in the game, each with their own quality move sets và abilities. The various weapons that players could find in Final Fantasy 7 Remake for each of these characters also had great weapon abilities of their own that are a blast lớn use. Given that a lot of players will be using Tifa because of her fun combat style, here are all of her weapon abilities ranked in order of how useful they are.


In theory, the bỏ ra Trap is a pretty nifty ability to lớn have that can prove lớn be wildly effective in combat. However, it's the nature of its damage and the caveats of this move that make this less-than-ideal for a fighter like Tifa.

For starters, chi Trap hits more when Tifa's magic damage is high, which isn't going to be the case since most of her abilities hit for physical damage & you'd want to focus more on that attribute. On đứng đầu of that, chi Trap generates an orb that's completely stationary, leading to lớn this technique only being effective against slow-moving or pressured targets who won't be able lớn move outside the range of this move in time.


It's a testament to Tifa's wide range of amazing techniques that this lauded & powerful technique doesn't even break into her đứng đầu five weapon abilities. After all, Divekick is an ability that you'll get fairly early on that meshes well with Tifa's combos and attack style.

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This ability does take a while to execute, but this can be made up for if you use this attack right after a Whirling Uppercut. Since Tifa is already airborne after this attack, she can skip half of Divekick's animation and hit enemies for serious damage.


Pressuring và staggering enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a huge part of the combat system that players will need to lớn exploit time and time again. This is especially true against bosses that barely take any damage unless they've been staggered effectively.

Overpower helps out a lot in increasing the Pressure gauge & cornering enemies with ease. However, keep in mind that standard encounters end without having to stagger enemies all that often, while most bosses that get staggered will probably transition into a completely different cutscene before you can make the most of their vulnerable state.

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The first & most useful ability that you'll use for Tifa is Unbridled Strength. The move seems pretty simple but actually dominoes into so many other strategies and moves that it's easily one of Tifa's best và most diverse moves by a country mile.

Unbridled Strength gives a boost to lớn Tifa's basic attack damage while also unlocking new special moves she can carry out by pressing Triangle. You should ideally make the most of her heightened damage before unleashing one of her many special moves before the buff wears out to make the most of this useful ability.


At a glance, Focused Strike doesn't seem lượt thích the greatest ability around. The first part of this attack's animation is a dodge that can be hard khổng lồ time with an enemy's attack, requiring a lot of practice. What hurts even more is that the damage of this technique isn't all that great either.

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However, the true bonus of Focused Strike is that it recharges a significant portion of Tifa's ATB with each hit, which is pretty useful indeed. Using this technique lớn trigger the synergized skill of other tiệc ngọt members over and over again is a great way to lớn land a ton of damage and stagger most enemies with ease.

It's a shame that you'll only be able lớn use True Strike after a fair way into the game since this ability is perfect for Tifa's moveset. It hits for a ton of damage and causes enemies to take even more damage in their staggered state.

This makes it the perfect move against bosses that have huge HP pools. Optimizing Tifa to khuyến mãi with a boss' attacks leads khổng lồ said foe succumbing to the might of her punches and getting pressured time and time again.

Starshower is easily one of Tifa's best moves by a country mile. This move unleashes a wave of punches that hit for extreme damage while also boosting the power nguồn of Tifa's next attack.

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Suffice to say, using Starshower before a Limit Break can lead to lớn Tifa dishing out some truly incredible damage. You should make sure khổng lồ stock up on ATB charges before expending them multiple times in combat lớn make the most of this move. This wouldn't be a challenge, though, given how quickly Tifa can raise her ATB with successive attacks.

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