The best sex mods for the sims 4 in 2021


Looking to lớn spice up your sims" lives? Here’s our collection of the best adult, relationship, & sex mods for The Sims 4


SimDa dating app

Being that Tinder is such an integral part aspect of real-life romance, it’s only natural that a dating ứng dụng would make its way into the virtual world of The Sims 4. The “SimDa” dating phầm mềm hack introduces a whole new way of dating khổng lồ The Sims 4. Created by LittleMsSam, this hack lets your sims access an phầm mềm on their phone that lets them organise a specific date, a blind date, & even mix up no strings attached one night stands và hook up calls from NPCs.

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It’s about time that weird pixel blur when your sims get naked was gone. Moxiemason’sNo mosaic / censormod removes the angular haze that appears on your sims when they take a shower, use the bath or toilet, or breastfeed. The mod doesn’t allow you khổng lồ make your sims naked 24/7 – there are other mods for that – but it does work when your sims streak, so that’s all you need to know.

Wickedwhims mod

Here it is, the big one. The WickedWhims mega-hack by Turbodriver includes all the sexy sex stuff for your sims to saucily cavort to lớn, và includes a host of new sex-themed custom traits, reactions, moodlets, và whims. You can check out the intimacies for yourself by reading the full menu of changes on the mod’s features page, but the WickedWhims gian lận isn’t only about your sims getting it on. There are features that giảm giá khuyến mãi with grown-up subjects like pregnancy, exhibitionism, và polyamorous relationships, too.


Babies for Everyone

It’s such a shame that only women can experience pregnancy in the real world. But in the world of Sims mods, everytoàn thân can experience the process of pregnancy and birthing – now that’s progress! Tanja1986’s Babies for Everyone thủ thuật does exactly what it says. This hack allows nearly everyone in the sims universe lớn get pregnant, including men & elders. This mod also means that gay & lesbian couples can now get pregnant through the Try for Baby bed interaction.

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Ghosts can have sầu babies!

With PolarBearSims’ Ghosts can have babies!even ghosts can experience the beauty of childbirth. And no, you won’t have ghost babies (that’s a bit grim), but ghosts will birth squishy, fleshy babies for your slặng and their ghost partner to lớn look after – in the universe of the Sims it’s not even that weird.

Longer/Shorter Pregnancy

Installing the Longer/Shorter Pregnancy mod created by Havem means your syên can go through a full trimester of pregnancy instead of the normal three days. And if one baby isn’t enough for you, then ArtUrlWWW’s Pregnancy Mega Mod will let your sims give birth lớn triplets, quintuplets, & sextuplets – the more screaming, pooping bundles of joy, the merrier!


Risky WooHoo

PolarBearSims returns again lớn this menu with their Risky WooHoo hack that increases the chances of your slặng getting pregnant. The option of ‘Woohoo’ is replaced with ‘Risky WooHoo’, so there’s always a chance that your syên ổn will get pregnant. This mod also includes different fertility levels và your sims’ chances of becoming pregnant increase & decrease depending on where you vì chưng the dirty deed.

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