Tom and jerry cho dien thoai di dong

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a game by VIS entertainment ltd
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC,
Nintenvị 64
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 nhận xét
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 116 votes
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We all love sầu a good blast from the past, a little rekindling of childhood; what says childhood more than Tom and Jerry? The developers at NewKidCo finally had the good sense to take the classic cartoon animals at each other’s throats and put them into a fighting game. You know, for kids. To be honest, there’s plenty for young children & adults alike khổng lồ enjoy in this game for Microsoft PC and Nintenbởi 64, & if you can still manage to lớn get your hands on it, you’re in for a fun time.

The Nitty Gritty

Not unlượt thích Capcom’s nguồn Stone, Fists of Furry is a fighting game centred on Tom & Jerry as well as many other cartoon characters, such as Butch, Spike and Toodles. You simply select your character (or fighter) and away you go. Although the actual fight mechanics consist of the player hitting a single button, each of the characters has their own chất lượng strengths và weaknesses.

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Like other competitive games & the classic Mario Kart, projectiles are a crucial part of the game play, và a fun one at that. The fun comes from when you throw an object; your opponent can catch it & hurl it baông xã at you, amping up the risk và adrenaline. There are plenty of power ups as well such as temporary invisibility, which add extra dynamics lớn the game. Each fight takes place in an environment or stage that is relevant to the characters and is usually for a popularised cartoon, such as a barnyard or suburban neighbourhood.

What I Liked

The straightforward design of the game very much appealed to lớn me. If a game bogs me down with complicated controls và control screens that are hard to navigate, it puts me off immediately. The simplicity of Fists of Furry drew me in; the controls are easy lớn get a handle on và the characters, even if some are slightly unfamiliar, are appealing & fun to lớn use, especially with all the added powers-ons và items khổng lồ throw! The soundtraông xã is well suited to the game also; tunes that are either inspired by old Tom and Jerry cartoons or directly lifted from them play in the background, allowing you to bop along to lớn some 1940’s big bvà music while the characters beat each other silly!

What I Didn’t Like

I guess the only real complaint is the lack of variation in the controls when it comes to fighting (yes, simpliđô thị is great but a single attaông chồng button is a little bit too minimal) and the fact that coordinated movements like your character turning around can sometimes take a bit longer than you’d like, especially if there’s a projectile being thrown your way. The difficulty cấp độ is surprisingly high at points, as if the game directly marketed at children sometimes forgets who its target audience is.

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With bright, colourful colour pallets, an upbeat soundtrachồng & plenty of cutely animated cartoon characters, Fists of Furry is a family friendly fighting game that is sure to bring about waves of nostalgia.


Lovely animations và coloursFun soundtrackCharacters and battles have enough going on to lớn keep them engaging every time


Could vị with more variety in attacking buttonsSometimes the difficulty is a bit too high for children