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a calculation, especially a simple one, using such processes as adding, taking away, multiplying, or dividing:
Share price slid by 1p to 142p fuelled by concerns that the company might offer too generous a sum for the proposed venture in India.
The sale of Germany"s biggest commercial TV operator for an undisclosed sum follows a bidding contest.
large/huge/enormous sums Restrictions have been imposed by the government on the movement of large sums of money out of the country.
a small/modest/substantial sum A substantial sum has been set aside for litigation relating to the construction project.

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an additional/cash/final sum The final sum an investor receives from a pension is dependent on the rate of investment growth.
a sum of $8/£2,000/€1.2m, etc. Legislation approved yesterday will raise a much-needed sum of £300,000 for use on the roads.
pay (out)/spend/invest a sum Deposits are non-recoverable cash sums paid just to reserve a property, with a further sum payable when contracts are exchanged.
earn/receive/owe a sum Victims of an explosion at a chemical works are set to receive large sums in compensation.

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You need to do your sums before deciding whether you would benefit more from a fixed-rate or a tracker mortgage.
more powerful, effective, etc. as a whole than you would think if you considered the different features or parts that it consists of:
used at the end of a report or discussion before giving a short description of the main ideas or facts:
To sum up, we have thus far established a sufficient condition for eradication to be optimal, and we have characterized the other possible qualitative solutions.