Root asus zenfone 5 running android lollipop


A one-cliông xã root method is available for ZenFone 5 lớn help advanced users who are looking for a guide to gain root access after the Android Lollipop upgrade which Asus released recently with software version amãng cầu also

This root requires nothing but a click on the keyboard that will start the process. But note that you should have T00F and T00J WW variants of ZenFone 5 which are compatible with this tool. Chechồng out the following step-by-step guide lớn root ZenFone 5.

Key points

The following root method is applicable for ZenFone 5 T00F/T00J WW models only. Do not use this on any other device.Ensure that you have sầu created a backup of all the data of your phone, as the root method is likely khổng lồ wipe out everything.chú ý that rooting the device will void the manufacturer’s warranty.The battery of the phone should have sầu at least 80% charge, khổng lồ avoid any sudden shut down due lớn lachồng of power, which could damage the device.IBTimes UK will not be held liable for any damage to lớn the device during the process. Proceed at your own risk.How khổng lồ root Asus ZenFone 5 on Android Lollipop

Step-1: Download root file for ZenFone 5


Step-2: Extract the root package on your PC using a tool like 7-zip

Step-3: Install ADB drivers on the PC

Step-4: Enable USB debugging on the phone


Go to lớn Settings>> About phone>> Software information và tap on build number seven times


Go lớn Settings then Developer options, from there enable the USB debuggingStep-5: Connect the ZenFone to lớn the PC using a USB cable.

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You should get a pop-up saying Allow USB debugging on the phone. Tick the kiểm tra box that says Always allow for this computer & press OK

Step-6: With the phone connected to lớn the PC, run the Root.bat tệp tin. Just double cliông xã on the file to run it. For Linux and Mac, run file

Step-7: Your phone will now reboot inlớn fastboot mode automatically & then start flashing the root files. Once the process is completed, the phone will reboot automatically

You can confirm the root access on your phone by downloading the root checker ứng dụng from the Play Store. Just open the ứng dụng and tap on Verify Root & grant root access.