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Manage đi với Giới trường đoản cú gì? Manage to lớn V tuyệt Ving? chắc hẳn rằng là câu hỏi phổ biến của rất nhiều người. Để đọc hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng tương tự giải pháp sử dụng “Manage” trong Tiếng Anh ra sao, hãy cùng khám phá chi tiết ngay lập tức trong nội dung bài viết tiếp sau đây.

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The GRAIL mission is part of the Discovery Program managed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

Such threats to lớn objectivity must be managed at the individual auditor, engagement, functional & organizational levels.

Based upon your personal experience, vì chưng you agree that substantial number of people in long-term care facilities could be managed at home if provided with more support? Yes No Loading.

The Programme is managed at national level by NHS Connecting for Health, part of the Department of Health, & the Chief Executive sầu of the NHS is the Senior Responsible Owner for the Programme.

EL = 2- Women managed at home were asked to check their temperature twice daily & attkết thúc the antenatal clinic every other day for electronic FHR monitoring and to check for signs of infection.

Is there a central location for the Forex Market? Forex trading is not managed through an exchange.

Most of these cases can be managed through diet and light exercise, but if they have sầu worsened it can be a call for supplementary insulin.

The tour will be accompanied by workshops for local school groups to be managed through Regional Arts Victoria’s Education &; Families unit.

But it has been with a growing sense of discomfort that I have sầu seen controversial social legislation being managed through the Parliament by the Government.

Especially about knowing the team that launched initially did not exactly fit the ‘ NINJA OPENSOURCE CLAN ‘ I thought you guys were, but still managed through your passion và teamwork to exedễ thương.

Manages on the back of old-fashioned principles and it works.

A second pair of eyes và hands would be a huge help but i managed on my own.

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The spkết thúc, spkết thúc fools must really have sầu poor sense when it comes to managing on a budget.

So Mama went lớn a neighbour by the name of Meta Pech to ask if she could help until my mother was able to manage on her own.

I am sure he is upphối about this outcome of events and I only hope he will be able to manage on the 1,800 a day he receives for his pension.

Experiencing wrinkly palms can damage all the operate that you managed on your own face, as you should make sure lớn keep these hydrated và clear.

A floor mounted cutter may be the most practical solution where the materials to lớn be cut are heavy, bulky or stiff and difficult to manage on a table.

Managing on ensemble reflected lớn hatch up the bars, also hahn arose a enormous press included on his requiring leisure, which decided lớn developn’t better.

He manages from the gut, and he’s just too wishy-washy to lead effectively.

The newspapers are managed from abroad that the government is not going to lớn be able to close it.

These companies are managed from the US but have sầu access to lớn a massive computer science worker resource.

Timekeeping and chronograph duties are managed from the JLC calibre 751G that is an automatic motion with 37 jewels along with a 65 hour energy reserve sầu.

Once configured via the Windows Control Panel, a printer can be used to accept print orders or even be managed from a remote machine, irrespective sầu of its operating system.

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Nairobi Metropolitan minister Jamleông xã Kamau said 30 cameras would be monitored from Police Headquarters while 21 mounted at roundabouts would be managed from city council offices.