How to refund a game on steam: the simple way


If you’re wondering how to refund a game on Steam, you’ve sầu come lớn the right place!

Steam is one of the oldest digital distribution services out there. It was launched all the way baông xã in 2003 và is owned by Valve, one of the biggest đoạn Clip game developers on the planet.

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Steam runs on many different platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

As hard as it is to believe sầu, Steam offers over 30,000 đoạn phim game for sale! And it has a staggering 95 million users on a monthly basis.

Steam offers everything from không tính tiền lớn play games to paid-for AAA titles. When you buy a game via Steam, it gets added lớn your Steam trương mục and you can also directly download the game to your device to lớn play any time.

The advantage of Steam is that if you delete the game from your device you can always get it bachồng –even years later. That’s because it’s always available for tải về again as long as you bought it one on Steam. It’s always saved in your Steam library.

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But what happens if you buy a game on Steam và just don’t lượt thích it? Can you get your money back?

Yes! And we’ll show you how.


How To Get A Refund For A Steam Game

As long as you meet the requirements outlined above, you can get a refund. Now here’s the process for doing so:

Cliông xã on “A Purchase.”Find the name of the game or other item you want a refund for và click on it. lưu ý that if the game or other sản phẩm does not show up in this list it is already outside of the refund window.Select the reason you want a refund for the thành quả.Cliông xã “I’d like to lớn request a refund.”Fill out the next khung, including how you would lượt thích your refund – to your Steam Wallet or your original payment method.

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After this is done, check your tin nhắn for a confirmation of your refund request. It may take a few days to lớn hear anything about your refund.