Ground up là gì


Solutions khổng lồ streamline bulk shipping

Information và services for accelerating administration, operations and commercial negotiations.

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Tanker information management at your fingertips

Save sầu time, collaborate & respond rapidly to information requests.


Simplify your commercial management activities

A real-world dynamic solution for Chartering, Operations và Management.


Empowering tanker brokers with a more comprehensive view of the market

Timely market information is a competitive sầu advantage.


Bulk carrier information management made painless

Real-time automated information lớn maximize fleet utilization.


Better tanker cargo risk management

Advanced & reliable cargo, cleaning, handling và safety data 24/7.


eProcurement made easy for the maritime industry

Support operations without fuss by sourcing products & services quickly.

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Learn what companies like yours say about our products and services.

Chosen by 75% of the global maritime transportation industry. Member of expert group advising the USCG. Widely respected across the shipping community.

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Slowed up by legacy systems or manual processes?

Up-to-date giải pháp công nghệ delivering the benefits of the cloud.

Takes too much time khổng lồ get the information you need?

Instant fingertip access to information on demvà.

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