God of war: chains of olympus (sony psp, 2008) for sale online

WW: Sony Computer Entertainment / JP: Capcom
Asia, EU, JPhường, KR, US
March 4, 2008

The plot is built in the fantasy world with an alternate version of ancient Greece, which was created by the gods OLYMPIAN, TITANS & other mythological creatures. Kratos, a Sparrã warrior serving the Olympian gods is guided by the goddess Athemãng cầu, who guides him to find the Helios Sun God. With the strength of training for many years & the help of the highest beings: Titung Atlas, Morpheus & the Queen of the underworld, Persephone intends lớn destroy the Pillar of the World, even Olympus. Kratos will have to protect Attica from the Persian army và a giant beast that their army unleashed on the đô thị.

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God of War: Chains of Olympus is a third-person RPG. Players will incarnate inlớn Kratos & start their fight. The weapon is a long chain so he can use his skills, such as causing the chain to burn or attachồng an enemy from a distance. Kratos’ health bar will be displayed on the left corner of the screen, and the player must maintain it if he wants khổng lồ continue the journey. At the over of each stage, a confrontation with monsters with large and powerful bodies will take place. The mission of the nhân vật is lớn pass them, lớn get the key khổng lồ the next level.

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Not only fighting but sometimes having lớn bởi some other work such as using large machines khổng lồ destroy the enemy stronghold. This evokes the brutality, & influential that the storyline is conveyed. The bản đồ is designed very diverse from the ground, underwater khổng lồ the dark caves và ruined strongholds. I think the fun và experience that the game brings from this aspect. It makes the players bởi vì not feel boring rising, while the gameplay seems to lớn be repeated. However, due to lớn this reason, the character will face many threats, with increasing difficulty.

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About Kratos, not always just use the chain which sometimes can also use their bare hands to lớn fight the enemy. Along with benevolence, the system will also hide somewhere the tư vấn chests, which will contain some items that can help hlặng increase strength, restore health và some other weapons have higher endurance. So, pay attention to lớn the chests around while fighting. In addition, there is another highlight that you may like. Those are short videos, describing the plot.