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Gov. Gen. Payette has faced controversy since her 2017 nomination, including workplace complaints, questionable spending projects và refusing khổng lồ live sầu in Rideau Hall

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Assunta Di Lorenzo/ Sources say di Lorenzo recently hired Marie Henein’s firm to lớn represent her and had been conducting her interactions with the Privy Council Office through lawyers — an extraordinary situation for someone in di Lorenzo’s position, which is equivalent khổng lồ a deputy minister & is supposed khổng lồ be the conduit between government và the Governor General.

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Governor General Julie Payette delivers the speech from the throne as Parliament prepares khổng lồ resume for the first time since the federal election, on Dec. 5, 2019. Pholớn by Blair Gable/Reuters A statement from Conservative sầu leader Erin O’Toole noted Payette is the “Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces & has an important constitutional role.”

“Considering the problems with his last appointment và the minority Parliament, the Prime Minister should consult opposition parties và re-establish the Vice-Regal Appointments Committee,” O’Toole said.

Bloc Québécois MPhường. Rhéal Fortin said that Payette’s resignation “further demonstrates that the government must immediately release the report on working conditions at Rideau Hall.” He also said the now-vacant post is “a great opportunity to lớn question the usefulness of an outdated function that has no place in a democracy.”

Payette’s tenure as governor general has been filled with controversy since she was nominated in July 2017 and took office that October. Along with the workplace complaints, truyền thông media reports have sầu detailed questionable spending projects at Rideau Hall, Payette’s clashes with her security team, & Payette’s refusal khổng lồ live sầu in Rideau Hall even after renovations were complete.

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