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In this bonus episode, Andrew shares some stories from the quái dị of a week he had last week. Plus in the vocabulary lesson, he teaches you a useful English expression: on point.

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Note: The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Andrew: Hey everyone, how are you? How’s it going, I hope you’re doing great and that you had a fantastic weekend. I’m Andrew & you’re listening lớn a bonus episode of the kanamara.vn English Podcast. Thank you for clicking play and joining me here for another English study session.

If this is your first time listening khổng lồ kanamara.vn, welcome, it’s great lớn have you here. We make fun và fascinating audio lessons for intermediate & advanced learners that are designed to lớn improve your English fluency and communication skills, and also your knowledge of the culture of English-speaking people who live in English-speaking countries. & we kick off each week with a bonus episode, & that’s what you’re listening khổng lồ right now. And in the bonus episode, I just chat about what’s going on in my life và give you some updates also about what’s happening behind the scenes here at kanamara.vn. Và at the over of each bonus episode, I like to teach you a useful English expression. So, make sure you listen khổng lồ the over of this episode for that. Now, the transcripts for our bonus episodes are completely free, và you can get the transcript just by clicking the link in the description, or by visiting our website which is kanamara.vn.com, C-U-L-I-P-S.com.

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And by the way, guys, I just mentioned the kanamara.vn thành viên monthly live stream. Well, it’s going khổng lồ be happening very soon, actually this week, on Tuesday, August the 30th at 7:30pm Korean Standard Time. So, if you’re a kanamara.vn Member, you can join the stream just by logging into your kanamara.vn trương mục on our website and following the links from the Dashboard. Kassy is going khổng lồ be joining me, và we’ll also be opening the stream to lớn any members who would lượt thích to hotline in và speak with Kassy và me. So, I’m expecting it to lớn be a lot of fun & a great opportunity for all of you lớn get some English practice in. & I hope I can see many members from the kanamara.vn community there.

Well, everyone, let’s talk about last week. I had a quái nhân of a week last week. A boss khủng of a week. Have you heard that expression before? A boss of something, a boss khủng of something. It means that something is really big or fantastic or great. So, a quái nhân of a week then means that I had a really big week, I had a really busy week và did many things. If you said that someone lives in a quái nhân of a house, then this means that person lives in a really big house. Or if you went khổng lồ a concert, và the band playing the concert, they were just absolutely amazing. The concert was incredible and mind blowing, then you could say that that band put on a quái thú of a performance. We can use the expression lượt thích this.

So anyway, I had a boss of a week last week & I got up to so many things. Và as you know if you’re a regular kanamara.vn listener the last few weeks, my wife và I have been battling with the Coronavirus, but I’m really happy to say that I finally feel back to lớn my regular self now. & I think when I was sick, I felt the way that many people feel when they get sick. So maybe you can understand my perspective here a little bit. But when I was sick, I felt lượt thích wow, I really was taking my health for granted. And I think that whenever we bởi get sick, we realize just how incredible it is to feel healthy & well, but when we are healthy and well, we don’t really realize it. & then if you vày get sick, it’s totally the opposite, right? It just sucks & you feel terrible, & you realize that being healthy is such an incredible gift. So, when I was sick, I made a promise to myself that as soon as I felt better, I was going lớn really try khổng lồ not take my health for granted in the future. So, I’ve been trying lớn keep that promise this week. & thankfully, we also have been having some wonderful late summer weather here in Seoul. So last week, I got out a lot. I went for a hike on a local mountain called Bukhansan, which was terrific & beautiful. I also went for a xe đạp ride around the Han River, which runs through the middle of Seoul. And it also went for a couple of runs in my neighborhood also, so it was just a really active week.

I also went on a date night with my wife. Yeah! và we went to this lovely little curry restaurant & ate some delicious and really, really chất lượng tasting curry. I think I’ve never tried curry that tasted quite like the curry that we ate. Now the restaurant that we went to lớn was really super tiny and cute. It’s what we điện thoại tư vấn a hole in the wall, just lượt thích a really small local restaurant. There was only one table in the restaurant, & then there’s a little bar that sits maybe another four or five people or so. Now, we’ve tried lớn go khổng lồ this restaurant before, but it’s really popular & they don’t accept reservations, so they always have a long line. But luckily for us, when we visited last week, we were able khổng lồ go in right away, the restaurant was actually empty when we arrived, we were the only customers there which was pretty strange. But after about two minutes, then the place filled up again with customers. & guys, I really love curry, so I was very excited khổng lồ try this restaurant. It’s hard lớn put my finger on what kind of curry it is exactly, I guess it was closest to lớn a Japanese-style curry. It didn’t really taste like a Thai-style or an Indian curry. But anyways, it was delicious. I had a spinach curry, and my wife had a tomato curry.

And then after we ate curry, we were on our way back from the restaurant và it was just a lovely evening, there was a beautiful sunset in the sky, and the weather was just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. We passed a little pub as we were walking & there was a patio set up outside with tables và chairs, & there were lots of customers & the vibe was just really great. So, we decided lớn stop there for round two of our date night. & we ordered classic Korean pub fare. Pub fare. Pub fare is what we can hotline the food that is served at pubs. Now classic Korean pub fare is chimaek. In the Korean language, they hotline it chimaek, and this is fried chicken and beer. So, the chi stands for chicken, and the maek stands for maekju which is beer in the Korean language. So anyways, we had a pint of beer and we snacked away on some fried chicken while enjoying the sunset & the cool evening vibe. & slowly the sun went down, and it turned to lớn night, and it got dark. And that’s when the mosquitoes came out in force & started to lớn attack me. Unfortunately, as it turned khổng lồ night, the mosquitoes got crazy active and did attack me. So, that was our sign that it was time to head home. But all in all, it was a great little date night & we both had a wonderful time.

And then on Thursday, last week, I attended a going away party for one of my friends. After living in Korea for nearly 15 years, I think it’s 15 years that he’s been here. He’s decided lớn leave the country và go back to lớn his native country, the UK, khổng lồ pursue a PhD degree. Now, as you can imagine, after living here for 15 years, my friend has accumulated lots of stuff. So, he’s been busy giving away and selling his things before he leaves, và this friend is a pretty avid gamer. A pretty avid gamer. Vì chưng you know this word avid? A-V-I-D. We use it lớn describe people who really love doing something. So, for example, my friend loves playing video clip games, so we could hotline him an avid gamer. Or another example is my cohost here at kanamara.vn, Kassy, she loves reading she’s a bookworm. So, we could say that she’s an avid reader. We can use the expression lượt thích this.

So, because my friend is such an avid gamer, one of the things that he was getting rid of was his PlayStation 4. Most people call it a PS4, easier to say, quicker to lớn say PS4. If you’re an avid listener of kanamara.vn, see what I did there? Avid listener of kanamara.vn, then you’ll probably know that I used khổng lồ love playing clip games when I was younger. But I pretty much stopped completely once I started university. From time khổng lồ time, I would play some games with my friends or play online chess, of course, but otherwise, I totally gave up on gaming. Well, my friend, you know, he had khổng lồ get rid of this PS4 & he told me that I could have it, plus a whole bunch of games & accessories, for a very, very cheap price. He gave me what we gọi a friend discount. It’s kind of a dễ thương slang expression, right? A friend discount, you can probably guess the meaning. A friend discount is when we sell something lớn one of our friends at a much cheaper price than we would sell it to a stranger. So, guys, I ended up buying my friend’s PS4 & all of his games và accessories at a very low price, the friend discount. And now I’m a gamer again? I’m not sure. But I’ve been playing the PS4 here for the last few days, và I have to say I’m blown away by how cool it is. I’ve been playing this trò chơi called The Last of Us and it’s incredible. It’s an action-adventure game, and the story is about how society has been destroyed by a virut that turns humans into these aggressive zombie-like creatures called the infected. & you play the game as a character named Joel, who’s a smuggler, and you have to lớn smuggle or escort this teenage girl who’s named Ellie, across the country, across the USA. Và I’m actually not too deep into the game yet, I’ve only been playing it for a few hours in total, but it’s amazing and I’m really impressed with the graphics and the story. Plus, the voice acting is on point too. It really feels lượt thích you’re in a movie, not just watching a movie, but participating in a movie, it’s amazing.

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And guys, while I was playing Last of Us, I realized that a game lượt thích this could be so incredible for learning English. Và I think once I finish this game, the next game that I’ll play, I’ll make sure to vì it in the Korean language because I love killing two birds with one stone. I love being efficient lượt thích that. I love doing something that’s fun, and enjoyable, but also vày it in the language that I’m learning, so I can improve my Korean at the same time as I have fun playing a game. And I think if you did this with English as well, it could be really a great way lớn improve your overall English skills.

As you know, one of our core beliefs at kanamara.vn is that the key, the most important thing that you can vì chưng to improve your English fluency is spending time with the language. Và creating an immersion environment for yourself is so important for making learning and acquisition successful. So, you know, I’m just a new gamer. I can’t speak for all games, but I think playing a game lượt thích Last of Us in English could be just an awesome & fun way to learn English and relax & spend some leisure time, & I’d highly encourage any of you that lượt thích playing games to try it out. Could be just another great tool to add to your toolkit of ways to improve your English. Anyway, I think I’m probably late lớn the buổi tiệc nhỏ here, và you guys who are gamers already know this. Và you’re saying yeah, Andrew, of course we know this, we’ve been doing this for years. But it’s something that I’ve just been thinking about the last few days.

It’s time for this week’s vocabulary lesson. So, before we wrap up, I want to teach you guys a really common English expression that will help improve your English comprehension và production. Oh, some big words comprehension & production, high-level vocabulary. Let’s break it down. Comprehension means listening & reading. It is like when you hear or see English and you have to input đầu vào it into your brain. So, you hear something, or you read something, và then you understand it, you comprehend it. Production is when you produce language, you output, OK? So, you’re speaking English, or you’re writing English. So, this expression can help improve your comprehension and production. So, the expression is: on point. On point. I used this expression earlier when talking about the voice acting in the clip game, The Last of Us. Did you hear it when I used it? If not, it’s OK, no worries. With the magic of modern technology, we can just go back và listen to that part a few more times. So, let’s vì it now.

I’m really impressed with the graphics and the story. Plus, the voice acting is on point too. It really feels lượt thích you’re in a movie, not just watching a movie, but participating in a movie, it’s amazing.

OK, so I said that the voice acting was on point. Can you guess what this means? Well, it’s an easy one. It just means totally perfect. So, on point means perfect. I think people use this expression to talk about many, many things. But in particular, I’ve heard it used frequently when talking about fashion or people’s hairstyles or outfits. So now that we know what it means, why don’t we listen lớn some example sentences that I’ve prepared that will help us learn how lớn use it in a natural-sounding sentence. So, let’s take a listen right now.

Example sentence number one. If you haven’t visited the coffee lab yet, make sure to kiểm tra it out. The baristas are friendly và the espresso’s on point. Let’s break that example sentence down. In that sentence, the speaker was talking about a cafe called the coffee lab and he was recommending it khổng lồ his friend, và he said make sure to kiểm tra it out. Definitely go there. Why? Because the baristas are friendly and the espresso that they serve is on point. He said, “the espresso’s on point.” OK? Espresso is on point, when we say it quickly, it comes out sounding lượt thích the espresso’s on point, which means it’s really perfect espresso. It’s very delicious.

Example sentence number two. Did you see the latest black Pink music video? The dancing và choreography were totally on point.

Let’s break this example sentence down. In this example sentence, the speaker was talking about the world-famous K-pop band, black Pink, who just released a brand-new music video. Guys, if you haven’t checked it out, you can bởi vì so on YouTube. And the speaker was saying that the dancing and choreography in the music video clip were on point, totally on point which means the dancing and choreography were amazing and perfect.

Example sentence number three.

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The new winter coats at the department store are so on point. I just wish they were a little less expensive so I could afford one.In this sentence, the speaker said that the new winter coats at the department store are on point. They are perfect, they are so fashionable, they are amazing, they are great. However, that speaker was sad because lượt thích most beautiful items of clothing, they are also very expensive, và he couldn’t afford one.

Well, everyone that brings us khổng lồ the kết thúc of this episode. Congratulations on finishing an English study session with me. Và I hope you’ll keep up this good work throughout the week. Let’s have a great week everyone và I hope to lớn see many kanamara.vn members join me & Kassy for the live stream on Tuesday, once again at 7:30pm Korean Standard Time. All the info is on kanamara.vn.com, on the dashboard. So, it’s the end guys, take care & I’ll talk to lớn you next time. Bye!