Fake Gps Cho Iphone Chưa Jailbreak


Changing location và using iOS GPS spoofer is not an easy task. We all know that most of the applications installed on our smartphones require location-access. And the games we love sầu also restrict features due to geolocations. To overcome this, finding out how lớn fake your location on iPhone is a must. Hence, we have compiled a guide with details that you need to lớn know about spoofing và apps that will allow you to lớn vì chưng so.

Part 2. One-cliông xã to lớn Fake GPS Location on iPhone without Jailbreak


Part 1. FAQS about iOS Nhái GPS

1. When Do We Need to lớn Fake Location on iPhone?

Typically, a user wants a moông xã location iPhone tiện ích khổng lồ play games or get access khổng lồ geo-restricted content. The popular reasons for faking location include:

To modify location on dating appsGet access lớn restricted content in apps like Netflix, CW, Animeflix, Hulu, etc. To play location-based games like Poketháng or Harry Potter Wizards Unite Get access khổng lồ features that are accessible only with different locations To enter check-in details of some other placeHide real location lớn protect privacy

If you only want to access websites, then you can also choose a VPN service.

2. Is there any risk to kém chất lượng GPS on iOS?

In general, some location-based apps restrict spoofing GPS on iPhone as it contradicts their policies. You must have sầu seen such examples with Pokemon Go & some other games. As a result, your trương mục might get banned temporarily or permanently. However, if you are using a trustworthy or effective sầu tool to enter a giả location on iPhone, you can avoid such consequences.

Part 2. One-click lớn Fake GPS Location on iPhone without Jailbreak

A perfect solution khổng lồ spoof location on iPhone is kanamara.vn iOS Location Changer. It is software that is designed solely khổng lồ fake GPS location on iPhone without jailbreak. While most of the methods clayên khổng lồ enable location change, they usually fail in practical. But kanamara.vn lives up lớn the promises và satisfy customer’s needs 100%. It contains additional features lớn customize your movements along the bản đồ lớn ensure that you don’t get detected by phầm mềm developers. Regardless of the reason you choose lớn use this ứng dụng, we can guarantee that it is 100% safe và effective sầu.

Free DownloadFor PCSecure DownloadFree DownloadFor MacSecure Download

BUY NOW BUY NOWOne-clichồng modification of current location khổng lồ anywhere on the mapSimulate GPS movements over multiple spotsStay safe và prevent the risk of a ban for using spooferSupport iOS 15/14 và iPhone 12, iPhone 11 & earlierNo iOS jailbreak requiredSo, here is a systematic guide on how to lớn spoof location on iPhone by using kanamara.vn. There are two ways you can control your location, and we are explaining both of them.

Feature 1: One-clichồng to Change iPhone Location

Step 1: Install & run kanamara.vn và connect your iPhone with the system. From the trang chính interface, choose the Change Location tab và hit the Enter button.

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Step 2: As the bản đồ opens up, you can either tap on the maps to lớn locate a virtual location where you want khổng lồ move sầu, or enter an address in the tìm kiếm bar. Select the correct option from the results, and hit the “Start khổng lồ Modify” button below.


And that’s it; the location of your iPhone will change lớn the specified one.

Feature 2: Simulate Location Between Two Spots

Step 1: From the home screen, switch khổng lồ the Single-Spot Movement tab và again hit the Enter button.


Step 2: In this tab, you’ll start with a spot as your current location. You can modify the current location as in the first method. After that, search for the destination spot & tap on the “Start to lớn Move” button.


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Step 3: After specifying the destination spot, you can adjust the speed of your movement with walking, cycling, or driving simulation.


Continue moving, & the location of your iPhone will keep on changing accordingly. You can pause or stop whenever you want and disconnect your device after you are done.

Feature 3. Simulate GPS Move sầu Along a Route with Multiple Spots

This iOS Spoofer tool also supports customizing a route & then the iOS GPS will move along these spots.

Select the Multi-Spot Movement on the main interface, và tap on the map to select different locations. These selected locations will automatically draw a path in the order you choose. Drag the speed bar lớn mix up movement tốc độ and select the number of rount trips, clichồng Start khổng lồ Move. Your iPhone is moving even when you are walking at home page.

Here is a đoạn Clip guide:

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Here we will recommkết thúc “The Anywhere” app and write a guide about how khổng lồ use it khổng lồ spoof iPhone location. After jailbreak finishes, use the steps here to lớn giả the iPhone location.

Download The Anywhere from Cydia và run it. Navigate the location lớn the spot where you want khổng lồ move sầu. Tap on the screen, và a red pin will appear on the new address.

As you vị this, a xanh tab will open, & you will be able khổng lồ select the apps you need to lớn use the spoofer. Select the app, open it, và see that it detects the new location right away.

2 iTools Virtual Location

Another option khổng lồ learn how lớn kém chất lượng location on iPhone is using iTools. It is a set of tools meant for different purposes, & tricking the iPhone location using the Virtual Location tool is one of them. Due khổng lồ this tool’s competency, it is widely used for spoofing the location of games lượt thích Pokémon, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Jurassic Park Alive sầu, etc.

Some users reported that iTools is not working on old versions lượt thích iOS 11, if you get the same problem, please try the methods here instead.

This is a desktop software. You can tải về this program from iTools website và connect your iPhone to computer.

From the Toolbox of iTools, choose the Virtual Location tool. And then enter the virtual location to lớn start simulation.

3 Use VPN khổng lồ Spoof GPS

Nord VPN is also a big name in the world of spoofing for desktop & máy vi tính. Luckily, a Smartphone phầm mềm version of this software is also available to the users. It means whenever you need lớn nhái location on iPhone, you can use this app.

Here is a brief guide to lớn using the Nord VPN.

Download the app from the official site and install it carefully on your iPhone. Launch the tiện ích and press the “On” button to lớn activate it. Now, all you need khổng lồ do is adjust the location, và all the apps will consider the kém chất lượng location as the original one.

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You can turn the location spoofer on and off whenever you want.

Last Words

Here we covered four methods on how to lớn nhái location on iPhone successfully. You can choose any method that you prefer. But our top recommendation is kanamara.vn iOS Location Spoofer without any doubt. It is the most reliable tool for tricking the iPhone location, và you won’t have khổng lồ worry about getting banned or detected. Get the tool and start having fun with the features that were once restricted!

One click lớn spoof GPS on iPhone without jailbreakSimulate GPS movement along the real path you drawHide iPhone location lớn protect privacySupport iPhone 12 and iOS/iPadOS 15