Clash of clans cho pc

It’s been six months since we talked about Clash of Clans as one of our favorite games of 20đôi mươi, so it’s time we revisit some of out thoughts on this popular strategy game! Of course, picking a favorite game, even for a specific year, can be a real challenge. Can you name just one or would you rather choose your top 3? These days there are many options lớn choose from & devices to lớn play them on.Unfortunately sometimes playing a favorite game like Clash of Clans on a mac is challenging, as at the time of this article there are no direct clash of clans for Macbook options.You have iPhone and Android games, computer games, games for console systems lượt thích Xbox, Playstation, Wii, và more. Then, of course, it seems nearly every popular trang web these days (not just Facebook) has one or two (or a dozen, or a hundred) browser-games vying for your attention. I believe sầu the one of the next big developments in gaming is to extend a gaming environment to lớn any & all devices you use, at home page, work, on the go, or lounging around the house.You can see Google trying khổng lồ achieve this by building their own computer operating systems, Android platform, developing software for practically any device you want lớn be on. That way, you are constantly connected và feeding information inlớn Google.

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Can you play Clash of Clans on Macbook?

Unfortunately, we are not fully there yet, & it requires a bit of tweaking to lớn download games such as Clash of Clans for Macbook Pro, Mac, or Air when they are originally developed for the điện thoại platform. I will walk you through various options you have khổng lồ get CoC working on your Apple computer just like any other điện thoại device.“Every age has its storytelling form, & đoạn Clip gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace đoạn phim games và imbue them with the best artistic unique. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.” – Andy Serkis

What is Clash Of Clans?

If you haven’t heard of this game yet, you’ve sầu been under a gaming roông chồng somewhere và missed one of the hotkiểm tra games on the điện thoại platsize for the last couple years. With its distinctive sầu visual style (and its hilarious commercials) it’s a hard one khổng lồ overlook. Clash of Clans was the first game released by Supercell, which has now released Hay Day & Boom Beach to lớn add to their collection of wildly popular games.
Credit: Damian Buzugbe
CoC is similar to other previous strategy & defense games in that you build và protect your Clash of Clans bases, where you are occasionally attacked by other clans and need lớn defend yourself. You can also raid other bases khổng lồ gain their resources and help build your own base. Growing your base allows you lớn train more troops and have sầu more resources khổng lồ withstand a raid & even carry out your own raids.It’s a highly addicting game where you play against other real people from around the world & the game is “always on” meaning anyone can jump in và raid you at any time. To help give you a bit of a boost, Clash of Clans offers in phầm mềm purchases to lớn tốc độ up getting resources if you’re in a crunch và need to quickly tăng cấp.

What’s New in Clash of Clans?

Of course, Supercell isn’t going to release such a popular và entertaining game và then leave it at that. They’re constantly updating it with new material. Within the latest updates, here are some of the new features:Air Sweepers: These new tower units are interesting in that they aren’t meant for direct damage, but rather push bachồng invading units so that your other towers will have sầu a little more time to put the hurt on. Of course, you still have sầu to be strategic here: when you mix an Air Sweeper, you have sầu lớn choose its direction (out of eight choices). Maybe they’ll eventually come out with an oscillating feature, lượt thích a good floor fan!War prep will alert you if your army isn’t fully prepared before you initiate an attaông xã. Nothing worse than getting over-eager, and then getting slaughtered because you forgot to lớn bởi your upkeep between runs!A “Dark Spell Factory,” with three chất lượng spells!There’s always new features coming out, because Supercell knows there’s always new features its players want (such as the ability to lớn upgrade our walls with pink instead of just gold—amirite?), so just keep on logging in in order lớn see how this game will be kept fresh on inlớn 2020!

Why Play Clash of Clans On Your Mac?

I know what the counterarguments are: people have their iPhones or Androids with them pretty much anywhere and everywhere they go. So why would you want to play this popular game on your Mac? I’ll give sầu you a few great reasons why you want lớn follow the steps below, no matter if you use a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac or Mac Pro.Your Mac has a bigger screen than your iPhone, Android, or máy tính bảng iPad screen. Therefore, simply having more real estate to play with makes the whole Clash of Clans gaming experience better on a Mac. That is especially true if you have a huge 27″ iMac with Retina Display. After all, you don’t want khổng lồ constantly have to zoom in, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, zoom out (lather, rinse repeat) just to lớn see what’s going on in your kingdom, when you can have a pretty good idea at one glance.Play when you’re at work or at your desk, you don’t have to lớn bring out your phone. You can play when you get bored while writing that school paper or finishing up a project. It’s good lớn take 15 minute breaks & playing CoC can be a great way khổng lồ relax while at your computer. Bringing out your phone, turning it sideways, and poking at it for fifteen minutes will let everytoàn thân know what you’re doing. But depending on how your monitor is angled, nobody toàn thân has to lớn know you’re taking a little brain-break with your favorite game.Any Mac will have a better processor if it’s new compared to lớn a di động device, so your game will be smoother, faster, and overall better graphics compared to lớn most Mobile devices. Granted, there are certain exceptions comparing a br& new iPhone 6 Plus lớn an old Macbook.Lastly, it’s a great option, just because you can. Why not have more options & places to lớn play the game you love sầu và have more flexibility on when & where you login & play.

How bởi you get clash of clans on Mac?

Now, let’s get into lớn the meat of why you came to this page in the first place. I’ll outline your options below with a few tips & tricks lớn make it run more smoothly.

Clash of Clans For Mac Using Bootcamp

One of the easiest ways lớn run Clash of Clans is to lớn simply run Windows on your Mac and then download Andyroid, a commonly used & stable environment. This option requires a working copy of Windows operating system to install on your computer so make sure you have one.One great thing about Macs is that they have the ứng dụng Bootcamp preinstalled on them. Basically, it walks you through very easily how to partition & install Windows onto lớn your Mac with very little work. From there, you have sầu a lot more options when running Windows. Also, you can run any other Windows software program you desire.Get yourself a copy of Windows 7 or 8 to lớn install. It’s easiest if you get a copy that is preinstalled onto a thumb drive sầu that you can just put in your Mac.Once you have the copy of Windows, install it on your Mac by opening up the Bootcamp Assistant and going through the instructions. They are very straight forward & should be easy khổng lồ follow. However, this may take a bit of time so make sure you have sầu an hour or more.Now that you have sầu Windows on your Mac, open up Bootcamp và run Windows. From there, head over khổng lồ Andyroid and cliông chồng the download button.Once you have sầu Andyroid installed onlớn your Windows platsize, open it up and follow the thiết đặt instructions.You will need to sign in with a Google Play account, so make sure you have one before you mix it up.After setting it up, tìm kiếm for Clash of Clans in Andyroid và clichồng the download button.Double click CoC and you’ll be up và running in no time!
It’s as easy as that. Super quick và simple. However, it requires that you buy a copy of Windows khổng lồ run the tiện ích. Below, I will outline a completely free option if you don’t want khổng lồ purchase anything. Both methods are completely valid but have sầu various advantages & disadvantages.

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Play Clash of Clans Using Genymotion

Now, I will walk you through the my favorite way to lớn get Clash of Clans on your Mac & what I use on my Macbook Pro. Make sure you follow these steps exactly as I write them, it’s easy lớn miss a step and it won’t wind up working. I’ve tested this method several times & it works flawlessly if followed correctly.You will need Genymotion, along with Virtual Box. Both are completely free, but you may need to lớn sign up to get the apps lớn work.Tip: You may want to change the resolution of your computer khổng lồ around 800 x 1280 và at 3trăng tròn dpi so it looks better và fills up more of the screen. Play around with a few different resolutions to lớn see what looks the best.
Download Genymotion for your Mac và sign up for a Genymotion trương mục. You need khổng lồ sign up in order for the ứng dụng to lớn work but it’s không lấy phí.Head over khổng lồ Virtual Box and download the app from this line “VirtualBox 4.3.đôi mươi for OS X hosts x86/amd64” onto lớn your computer.Openinstall both Genymotion & Virtual Box onlớn your Mac by double clicking the dmg tệp tin & going through the install steps.Launch Genymotionsign in into your trương mục so you can get a menu of potential smartphones to emulate. You can choose any one of the number of devices, but I recommover Custom Tablet.Choose Custom Tablet to emulate but don’t start the device yet.Now, you’ll want lớn head over to Virtual Box & select the Custom Tablet you chose initially in Genymotion.From there, right cliông xã và choose Settings.Change basic memory to lớn 2048mb and video memory to 128mb. This is important!Head bachồng khổng lồ Genymotion and change the settings khổng lồ base memory of 2048mb và screen resolution you want.Start the virtual device and make sure khổng lồ sign into your Google Play tài khoản.From there, you may find that Google Apps is not appearing, if not vày a search for Google Apps & tải về it.

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Download Clash of Clans and drag & drop it into lớn Genymotion so that you can star khổng lồ play.That wraps up the guide on using Genymotion to play CoC. Let us know below if this method worked for you, if it didn’t, then tell us why. Hopefully we can continue to lớn come up with good solutions.

Alternatives: Netbook or iPod

If you find that the methods above are too cumbersome & you would rather not have to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with all these issues there is a very easy solution but costs more than the ones above sầu. One option is khổng lồ buy a cheap Netbook from Best Buy or head over lớn Amazon or Newegg for a new computer.You’ll be amazed that you can find a fully functioning PC running Windows for $200. Granted, you will find that it doesn’t have sầu a ton of memory, RAM, or processor tốc độ but it will be plenty if you just want to use it lớn play CoC. This way you won’t have to create all these work arounds to lớn get the tiện ích khổng lồ work on your Mac.The last alternative I would suggest is to get a new or used iPod cảm ứng. A br& new one costs $199 and will be able lớn run Clash of Clans on its native sầu platkhung. You won’t have to lớn work with any trouble và it will play perfectly. You can also look for a used iPod cảm ứng for cheaper if you prefer that option. Both of these are good if you don’t want to mess with all the steps above. Like most things, though, you have to pay for convenience.Let us know what you think about the tutorial above sầu. Has it helped you tải về Clash of Clans for Mac, & play this amazing game khổng lồ your heart’s nội dung on some hardware that can really take it lớn the next level? Did it not work for you, if not, let us know below so we can try to lớn help you out. Also, tóm tắt this article if you find it khổng lồ be helpful! A great thing about games like Clash of Clans is that they aren’t just games—they’re entire communities, swapping tips và strategies!