Disruption Là Gì

to prevent something, especially a system, process, or event, from continuing as usual or as expected:

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khổng lồ prsự kiện something, especially a system, process, or sự kiện, from continuing as usual or as expected:
However, myelin-mediated inhibition has mostly been studied under conditions in which the organization of myelin was disrupted.
Alternatively, if the tumors are separate primary lesions, then different genetic pathways might have been disrupted và the tumors may require separate treatment strategies.
Nerves rated as severe contained numerous damaged axons throughout the nerve sầu, had grossly disrupted nerve sầu morphology và sometimes contained few, if any, healthy axons.
Even before organised tourism on a large scale occurred, there was evidence that animal behaviour was being disrupted.
To make matters worse, evacuation greatly disrupted the distribution of the paper and hit circulation.
The window opens up new possibilities for the theatre, extending rather than disrupting its conventions.
A turning point is one in which the average developmental trajectory is disrupted in a positive or negative sầu fashion.
In light of this approach, one might ask what would happen if this cognitive sầu structure is disrupted.
Each sự kiện in the sequence shared a common process of disrupted family process plus frequent family transitions và marked social disadvantage.

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He recognized that, under extreme conditions, the attachment relationship could be disrupted, thus increasing the risk of pathological development.
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