Daunting Là Gì

A:Daunting can mean, when referring khổng lồ a task, that it is too large or in certain cases, too much for a single person
A:Something scary or intimidating. (Something that you worry about or that may make you anxious/nervous. )
A:I am so shy that I find socialising at parties quite a daunting task. Going khổng lồ a new school is a daunting experience for some young people. We were faced with the daunting task of remodelling our new home page ourselves.My sister found building her own home khổng lồ be a daunting challenge. The though of return to work during this pandemic is very daunting.
A:It is most often paired with "task" as in...Having lớn vacuum is a daunting task. orDoing homework is a daunting task.

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A:"He was ready to lớn skydive sầu, but the distance was daunting.""Now that he had to lớn bởi vì the daunting task, he was afraid.""It seemed daunting to lớn approach the angry, snarling dog.""I don"t think I can vì chưng it. It"s too daunting."
A:"Daunting" is an adjective used to describe a task that"s large, intimidating or scary.e.g. Climbing Mt. Everest is a daunting challenge even for the most experienced climbers.e.g. Each day, she is faced with the daunting task of feeding 20 people."Unnerving" means slightly unsettling or worrying.e.g. Her sudden hostility was unnerving, since she was so friendly the day before.e.g. Speaking in front of large crowds is unnerving for many people.Hope this helps!
A:Let"s use an example.There is a hard task with lots of responsibility attached, that will probably require a lot of time & some skill learning.The task daunts a person.The task is very daunting.The person is (or feels) very daunted.

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A:daunting is more on the side of intimidating but plausible, it seems like a challenge. If something was discouraging, its so intimidating or awful that one would not want lớn vày it.

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