Top 9 ways to get free league of legends skins


Hoping lớn grab some không lấy phí League of Legends skins this year? Check out some of the best legitimate ways to lớn get free LoL skins without getting scammed or banned.

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Everyone loves a glow-up as much as the next person. And what better way to start the new year than with a fantastic upgrade to your favorite champion’s visuals?

Unfortunately, this usually means you need to lớn spover time và money lớn get the look you want.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with these 9 ways to get some awesome không lấy phí League of Legkết thúc skins that we’ve sầu listed below!

Whether you’re after the skins (like some awesome prestige skins) và the champions, or just the skins themselves – we’ll show you the best way lớn unlock each of the miễn phí skins available today in League of Legends.

Can You Get Free Skins In League Of Legends Legitimately?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet – you’re likely already battle-hardened when it comes lớn “miễn phí this or that” scams. And even though Riot has a pretty good handle on keeping its playerbase in the loop on any không tính tiền cosmetics available, there are many sites out there claiming khổng lồ offer free skins in exchange for one thing or another.

These sites tover lớn promise a variety of different skins from the Riot store. However, most are just scams!


At the time of writing, there are only 9 absolutely legitimate ways khổng lồ get in-game LoL skins for free. Generally, this is done by interacting with the League of Legends community, inviting new friends, playing matches, and showing your die-hard loyalty khổng lồ the game.

What Skins Can You Get For Free In LoL

Here’s a quick bird’s eye view of some of the miễn phí skins available in the game, as well as some of the top methods khổng lồ deông chồng out your champions.

Current List Of Free Skins In League:

Riot Girl TristanaUnchained AlistarSanguine GarenGrey WarwickMedieval TwitchTriumphant RyzeSeason Reward SkinsCertain Special Edition SkinsSkin Shards và Hextech Crafting

Note:You can also experiment with skin changer programs, but we’ll talk more about that & why it’s a bad idea at the end of the article.

How To Get Free League Of Legends Skins This Year

Now that we’ve seen what Riot games has lớn offer in terms of free in-game skins – let’s talk about how you can pichồng up each skin for yourself.

Below, we’ll go through each available option & give you the best way to unlochồng it quickly and efficiently.

How To Obtain Riot Girl Tristana (Champion & Skin)

The new & improved Medieval twitch skin in League of Legends.

Like Grey Warwichồng, this skin has also been updated with new ambient animations, skill animations, và graphic thiết kế.

The method lớn obtain this skin is also similar khổng lồ that of getting Grey Warwiông xã. The only difference being is that you need khổng lồ invite 5 players through the Refer-A-Friend program. You can also create the 5 accounts yourself if you’d like khổng lồ put in more effort.

Again, once all these accounts have reached level 10, the Medieval Twitch skin will be available lớn you for không tính tiền.

Nothing quite beats that sense of achievement when you gain an awesome reward after spending the extra time and determination.

How To Get The Triumphant Ryze Skin

A pnhận xét of how the Triumphant Ryze skin looks in-game by Skin Spotlights on YouTube.

Getting a không tính phí skin for Triumphant Ryze isn’t the easiest. In fact, it’s probably one of the most difficult compared khổng lồ the other skins we’ve covered so far.

So how vị you get this one for không lấy phí in LoL?

To cop Triumphant Ryze – you’ll need to lớn win an official League of Legends tournament. Before you jump to conclusions, this doesn’t mean you have sầu to lớn shoot straight for the LCS or Worlds.

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Winning any official Riot-sponsored tournament or even entering tournaments that are smaller with rookie teams will bởi vì the triông xã nicely.

Where Can You Participate In LoL Tournaments?

Curious as to lớn where you can take part in some showdowns for a chance to lớn get your own Triumphant Ryze?

Cheông chồng out these 3 sites khổng lồ find League of Legends tournaments:

Note:Not every tournament on these sites will make you eligible to win a Triumphant Ryze code – so it’s a good idea to lớn clear that up with the organizers before you join.

Once you’ve got your victor’s spoils, you can get the skin by:

Going to lớn the Riot store.Clicking Account in the right top corner.Clicking “Redeem Codes” và pasting your skin code in.

League of Legends Season Rewards Skins

Riot gives out không lấy phí skins khổng lồ players for their achievement of obtaining a Gold rank or higher at the over of each & every season.

Here’s a list of Victorious seasonal skins lớn date:

Season 1 – Victorious Jarvan IV & Judgement KayleSeason 2 – Victorious JannaSeason 3 – Victorious EliseSeason 4 – Victorious MorganaSeason 5 – Victorious SivirSeason 6 – Victorious MaokaiSeason 7 – Victorious GravesSeason 8 – Victorious OrianaSeason 9 – Victorious AatroxSeason 10 – Victorious Lucian

Want khổng lồ learn more? Cheông xã out theLoL Wiki pagelớn get a detailed menu of the Victorious skins & their Chromas available in League of Legends.

League Of Legends Special Edition Skins

Riot events và collector edition packs are typically the only way khổng lồ get certain skins. They are not available via the crafting system nor via mystery gifts.

Here is the danh sách of these rare skins:

Young Ryze: Offered if you pre-ordered a copy of the gameSilver Kayle: Offered if you bought a retail copy of the gameRiot Squad Singed: Gifted at GamesCom 2010, PAX, & E3Riot K-9 Nasus: GamesCom 2011 & 2012, PAX Prime 2011, Buena Park Meet-UpRiot Graves: GamesCom 2012, PAX Prime 2012, và future eventsRiot Blitzcrank: GamesCom 2013, PAX Prime 2013, & future eventsRiot Kayle: GamesCom 2014, PAX Prime 2014, và future events

BONUS: Skin Shards & Hextech Crafting

One of the coolest recent additions to League of Legends was the massive Hextech crafting system that Riot worked into the game.

When you open chests, you’ll often notice skin shards dropping alongside champion shards. Combining these shards with orange essence (which you can get by disenchanting unneeded shards) allows you lớn craft the skin you’re after.

A quiông chồng video overview of the Hextech Crafting system in LoL by YouTuber NoKing.

However, if you’re stocked full on Orange Essence, you can also re-roll 3 unwanted skin shards inlớn 1 new random skin shard.

How To Get More Skin Shards In LoL

The most effective way to get more skin shards in League of Legends is by simply playing the game. Each time you get an S+ rating or màn chơi up in-game, you’ll be rewarded with a new chest, which has a high chance of dropping skin shards.

Should You Mess With Skin Changer Programs?

Making your own skin can be an exciting & fun use of your imagination. There are plenty of programs that allow you to lớn deck-out your character any way you see fit.

But, there’s a catch!

While you can see yourself valiantly running inkhổng lồ battle in your custom do-up, everyone else playing the game will only see you in with the default skin và animations equipped.

Essentially, you’re playing the game & doing the No Makeup Challenge in public.

But hey, what matters is what makes you enjoy the game you see in front of you, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the only caveat…

Riot Games also has a pretty strict policy on third-tiệc nhỏ programs that modify or interact with the game in any way. This policy forbids the use of any cheats, scripts, và skin changes altogether.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, this quick và easy tutorial on how lớn get some of the coolest free League of Legends skins and champions has helped make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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Whether you’ve gone on to grind skin shards, cấp độ up several accounts lớn level 10, or spamming likes to lớn bolster Riot’s social media accounts – you’re well on your way to lớn getting some awesome skins in LoL for absolutely free!

And even if you didn’t get some of the exclusive sầu event skins on this list, Riot Games is always pumping out new ones every now và then khổng lồ keep things fresh và exciting. So there are always plenty of opportunities to lớn cop some sweet in-game visuals – just keep your eyes peeled.

With that, it’s our turn to lớn hear from you, summoner. Which of these skins vày you already have? Let us know in the comments below!