Create clash of clans farming bot 24 hours automatic farming

Safe bot is the safest bot available, as it is the only Clash of Clans Bot that comes with Anti-ban technology. While other bots that are available on the web might give you a competitive advantage for a short time, if they vày not have Anti-ban technology, your tài khoản will eventually be banned. will keep this from happening.

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không tính tiền bot is absolutely miễn phí and it will forever be available for anyone who wants khổng lồ use it. also updates frequently in order lớn stay ahead of COC game updates, and it is the most professional Clash of Clans bot ever programmed.

Easy khổng lồ use

This Clash Bot is incredibly easy to lớn use & has a simple installation process. It runs on your computer & utilizes the capabilities of MEmu android emulator. It also has the best background mode so that you can minimize the bot & android emulator windows and running other games simultaneously.

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It takes just a few minutes khổng lồ start using

check out our very simple 3 steps tutorial. is the only COC bot that doesn"t require khổng lồ register in any forum.

Complete Tutorial
Why would I want to lớn use a Clash of Clans Bot?

Clash of Clans is a Free-To-Play or Freemium mobile strategy trò chơi available on iOS và Android. Introduced by the Finnish trò chơi company Supercell almost five years ago, it’s continued lớn grow & become a worldwide phenomenon. This has led khổng lồ events, tournaments, a huge community, spin off games lượt thích Clash Royale, & even a cartoon series! Games are getting more intense và demanding every single year. Freemium games often địa chỉ tons of nội dung and require resources such as gold & elixir khổng lồ unlock those new features or play in the top-tiers. Clash of Clans, while a blast khổng lồ play, requires one resource that all of us have in limited supply. Time. Khổng lồ be the best, you need lớn grind và spend hours doing menial tasks. This is fun initially but as the trò chơi goes on, the rewards are less for more work. This grind is challenging for those who enjoy the other aspects of Clash but don’t want lớn spend all day farming. So that’s why bot was invented. Contrary to misconceptions, clash bots aren’t there khổng lồ help people be “Better” at Clash. They instead help you maximize your ability to lớn collect and harvest resources, as well as perform other meaningless tasks that are just busy-work at the top-competitive level. No more wasted time Whether its farming or other tedious tasks lượt thích collecting resources every few hours, bot can take away some of that boring & meaningless activity.Use every available opportunityCoC bot are pretty sophisticated & can even vì chưng things such as attack and participate in battles. You need to sleep, you need to lớn eat, và if you want khổng lồ be the best, a bot can give you that necessary competitive edge!Maintain Clan RelationshipsBy using Clash of Clans bot you can also maintain the social aspects of being in COC. With hardcore clans having strict requirements for membership, a bot can help you interact while your away at work or if you are unable to lớn play for a few days. After all, COC should be fun, not in control of your life!

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Features: Automatic farming Deploy near the red lines with very high accuracy Exclusive 2 fingers deployment Customized wave deployment Customized order of troop types in battle Automatic wall upgrade tìm kiếm by Townhall level Automatic Troop Donating và RequestingDonate by keyword Global chat advertising & customizable settings Customized option to activate hero abilities after X seconds. Auto collect resources auto clear tombstones tự động hóa collect loot cart tự động reconnect tìm kiếm only mode Maintain the village mode Option khổng lồ configure time-out hours Advanced end battle settingsPushBullet remote control option