Antibiotic resistance là gì


Antibiotic resistance is one of the most dangerous threats in the history of world medical development. The condition has been warned lớn potentially lead to lớn a "post-antibiotic" era, where infection from a scratch on the skin can also lead khổng lồ death. In Vietnam, this is an alarming situation due to many reasons, of which the widespread is the lachồng of proper awareness leading to drug abuse as well as the lachồng of knowledge on how lớn vì this. proactive sầu health care. So What is antibiotic resistance?? Let"s learn about it lớn know how prevent for yourself as well as those around you!

What is antibiotic resistance?

This phenomenon occurs when germs such as bacteria & fungi develop the ability to lớn defeat drugs designed to kill them. That means the germs are not killed và continue to lớn grow.

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Infections caused by bacteria that are resistant khổng lồ antibiotics are difficult, & sometimes impossible, lớn treat. In most cases, these patients are forced to lớn stay in the hospital for a long time lớn be monitored by doctors, increasing the risk of other diseases và expensive sầu treatment costs.

Antibiotic resistance does not mean that the body toàn thân becomes resistant to lớn the drug; it is bacteria in the body toàn thân that have sầu become resistant khổng lồ the antibiotics designed lớn kill them.

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What are the dangers of antibiotic resistance? là gì?

This situation has been và is becoming a pressing issue of society, affecting many different aspects of life such as health care, veterinary medicine, agriculture, etc. Every year, there are at least 2.8 million people in the United States of America. infections by bacteria or fungi that are resistant khổng lồ antibiotics, with serious consequences that cause more than 35,000 people to lớn die from this cause. 35.000 ngàn con người chết vày lí bởi vì này.

Drug resistance is an unavoidable risk for anyone, especially someone with a history of chronic disease. Moreover, if the drug loses its inherent effectiveness, we will also thua thảm the ability to lớn treat infections & comtháng infections. In addition, many specialized treatments depend on antibiotics khổng lồ fight infections such as joint replacement, organ replacement, cancer treatment, và chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and inflammation. rheumatoid joint.

Types of resistant bacteria – Source: CDC

Why vày bacteria become resistant to lớn drugs?

ndiscriminate use of antibiotics: Most drugs in Vietnam giới are sold without a prescription:Improper antibiotic treatment: Use for non-infectious patients; Unnecessarily stretching…The rate of antibiotic production has slowed down: From 2008 to lớn 2011, Vietphái nam introduced two new types. There are no new types after that time.

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How does antibiotic resistance happen?

Source: CDC

Antibacterial drugs treat infections caused by microorganisms sinh gây ra

Microorganisms are very small, bacteria-like organisms. Most of them are harmless, some are even useful to lớn human health, but some are harmful, causing infections and diseases. Antibacterial drugs, commonly known as antibiotics, work to stop & destroy the growth of bacteria.

Two types of microorganismsBacteria (Bacteria) cause illnesses such as sore throats & food poisoning. Medicines for bacterial infections are antibiotics (such as penicillin).Fungi (Fungi) cause diseases such as tinea pedis and yeast infections. Medicines that treat these fungal infections are called antifungals.

How quickly vày germs develop resistance và spread?o?

Germs (bacteria & fungi) are everywhere. Some are beneficial, others are harmful lớn people, plants và animals. Some of them are resistant to antibiotics.Antibiotics help prevent infection by killing bacteria, both beneficial & harmful. Some bacteria have sầu the ability khổng lồ adapt and develop resistance to lớn drugs.Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have sầu the ability khổng lồ multiply and, moreover, support other bacteria that are resistant to the drug.Once resistance emerges, it can spread to new environments and between countries.

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What is the defense strategy of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Antibiotics attaông chồng bacteria và fungi. But bacteria are adaptive & find ways to survive, resisting with a strategy called a resistance mechanism. Bacteria develop resistance using instructions provided by their DNA. Usually, resistance genes are found in plasmids – small pieces of DNA that carry genetic instructions from germ to lớn germ. This means that some bacteria can share their DNA & cause other bacteria to become resistant as well.

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Describe the cycle from farm lớn fork:

All pets carry harmful bacteria in their gut
vật dụng nuôi thực hiện phòng sinhSource: CDC

To treat these bacteria, antibiotics are given to the animals. This drug will kill many bacteria, but resistant bacteria will survive sầu & multiply.

Drug-resistant bacteria can be spread through:
thực phẩmSource: CDC
Animal productsProducts using contaminated waterFood prepared on contaminated surfacesAnimal feces are released from the environmentHumans can contract drug-resistant bacteria through:
nguồn lây từ môi trường thiên nhiên với thức ănSource: CDC
Minor illnessSevere & potentially fatal illness

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So what can we vì chưng to lớn avoid antibiotic resistance?

In the current state of indiscriminate use of drugs, which are sold without a prescription, abuse, especially in the treatment of children"s diseases, is extremely common. Before the toàn thân can create immunity to lớn fight off an infection, of which 99% is caused by a virut, antibiotics are "put" in to "put out the fire" and prevent the risk of superinfection. . So the use of drugs is unnecessary, expensive, harmful to the body toàn thân, & increases the risk of drug resistance. The real solution is khổng lồ improve health & resistance!

Join the course Strengthening the immune system & resistance with Traditional Medicine of VMC lớn understvà the methods that help us proactive sầu health care To prevent. Don"t thua trận cows to lớn build a barn! Don"t get sichồng and then take medicine. Let"s take the initiative sầu to prevent, take responsibility and take the initiative khổng lồ take care of the health of ourselves and our family members!