Game of thrones review


Dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun… the best trò chơi of Thrones board games!

A trò chơi of Thrones has been a pretty wild ride. My best frikết thúc showed me the first episode years ago that he had saved on a DVR. It was late at night và we decided to lớn throw it on before we called it a night. He went khổng lồ sleep và I proceeded to lớn maraeo hẹp the entire first season.

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My eyes were bleeding in the morning & that damn catchy theme tuy vậy was stuông xã in my head.

I needed more.

This was back in 2012, slightly after Season 1 aired, when the hype và popularity of the show were still rising. Luckily, trò chơi of Thrones has so much lớn keep fans going và a whole host of options for the board game nerds out there.

Our Top Picks for Best trò chơi of Thrones Board Games

In a hurry? Check out our favorites below.

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Best Miniatures


A Song of Ice và Fire: Tabletop Miniatures trò chơi
A GoT-inspired miniature wargame from CMON? Yes, please! The miniatures themselves are all gorgeously-molded & look intimidating on the table. This one is very easy to lớn jump inkhổng lồ with a simple rulephối and beautiful miniatures, you can start battling it out for Westeros in no time at all.
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Best Card Game


A trò chơi of Thrones: The Card trò chơi (Second Edition)
With an improved rulebook and revamped artwork, the 2nd edition brings khổng lồ life all your favorite characters from the book và show. Each card uses custom artwork for consistency. You won’t find cheap screen grabs from the show here.
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Best Overall


A trò chơi of Thrones (Second Edition)
The GoT board game has a little bit of everything that we love sầu about the series. It’s not all about who can field the biggest army. It’s about the ever-shifting alliances & intrigue that can happen at a moment"s notice. Will your allies tư vấn you? Or wait for the opportune moment khổng lồ exploit you? You’ll never know for sure.
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If you can’t wait between episodes, check out some of these trò chơi of Thrones-inspired board games khổng lồ get your fix. Nothing hits the fandom itch quite lượt thích a board game… or maybe the next book… if it ever comes out.

#1. A Game of Thrones (Second Edition)


“War makes monsters of us all.” — George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice và Fire

The official A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is inspired by an older game called Diplomacy. Any fan of the series will know that the war in Westeros is clearly heavily diplomatic, và usually violent & bloody. Alliances come và go & usually at the worst possible moment for those involved.

Throughout the course of the game, players will be making political decisions và issuing orders in secret. In the following phases of the game, the orders will be carried out. You could spkết thúc the first half of a round convincing a player to lớn march with you against your enemies only lớn find your stronghold besieged by your “allies”. It’s happened khổng lồ me before and will most likely happen again.

Each player controls one of the great houses và will be fighting for domination of the Iron Throne. You’ll find all of your fan favorites in the game: Lannisters, Starks, Greyjoys, Terrells, Baratheons… they’re all here.

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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game captures the essence of the books & HBO show beautifully. Players will be making alliances but they’ll also be leaving their allies in the field undefended a few turns later because it’s no longer profitable khổng lồ be allied. It’s a brutal game with a heavy phối of warfare, diplomatic alliances, & inevitable betrayal.