687 eell diamond pigeon at the beretta gallery dallas


This field shovel is engraved & designed transforming the player into a mechanical beast.

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The Trinity soldiers are special assassins with superhuman abilities. Gorgeous and never suspect, they are adept at carrying out undercover missions, & only show their special abilities when needed.


BOTs have been deployed for training. Practice & refine your tìm kiếm and Destroy skills on various difficulties.


9A91-CandyCane (Permanent)

Festive cheer peppers the land with this 9A-91 skin for the năm nhâm thìn Xmas season.

CM901-XMAS (Permanent)

Deck the halls with your enemies with this CM901 Rifle that’s decorated with a special 2016 Xmas skin.

Mosin Nagant (Permanent)

The 1891 Mosin Nagant is a bolt-action xạ thủ rifle that is individually loaded.

687 EDP-Sagittarius (Permanent)

The S687 EELL kim cương Pigeon is a finely balanced & responsive double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. This variant has been given a luxurious Sagittarius skin depicting the Bow & Arrow of the Archer.

Savage 110BA-Frost (Permanent)

This variant of the Savage 110BA which already boasts high stability, has also been given additional ammunition. The Frosty paint job symbolizes the frozen hearts of battle-hardened mercenaries.

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Lewis Gun-XMAS (Permanent)

Have a Holly Jolly Xmas with this Lewis Gun Machine Gun that has been decorated for 2016.

Brick-Xmas Fruitcake (Permanent)

Bring festive cheer to the battlefield with this fruitcake-styled brick.

Kar 98K (Permanent)

The Kar 98K is a German WW2 bolt kích hoạt rifle chambered for the 57mm Mauser cartridge.

SAR21-Salamander (Permanent)

This SAR 21 is made of a rugged, high-impact polymer giving it a fierce reptile look.

Jungle Knife (Permanent)

This small survival knife can slice easily through most animal hides và other tough materials. It is sure to lớn cut your enemies cleanly.

Jatimatic-Sand Eagle (Permanent)

A Finnish SMG developed in the late 70"s. This Jatimatic is an automatic, xuất hiện bolt, blowback-operated SMG with a camo pattern.

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The Christmas maps has returned, celebrate the season by playing TDM or Elimination mode on this festive map.

Improvements to an issue that caused players to lớn receive a "9002" error when starting a Ranked Match Fixed an issue that caused the Kukri-Beast (3 days) lớn not grant additional EXP> Fixed an exploit that allowed users lớn gain extra GP while playing Mutant Knight Mode> Fixed an issue that caused player to get stuck on certain boxes on Ankara> Fixed an issue that caused players to receive a client error after winning certain Battleship rewards>